Bakelite and Vintage Jewelry 


What is Bakelite Anyway??

1909: Belgian chemist, Leo Baekeland, created the first entirely synthetic plastic.  

 It was a revolutionary plastic suited for a wide variety of purposes than plastics before it. 

It was used for insulation in the automotive/electrical industries because of it's resistance. It did not conduct electricity!

You may find bakelite jewelry boxes, clocks, radios, telephones, kitchen sets, watches, and game pieces. 

 Check out this great video 

This affordable, lightweight, colourful, and convenient plastic takes care to manufacture as synthetic compounds require meticulous  care with hazardous materials. Research it! <3

Vintage Jewelry


What we do

Bakelite Delights values vintage treasures of the past! 

Bring back the days of quality and unapologetic uniqueness.

Based in Atlanta, GA our consignment store specializes in vintage jewelry pieces that will enhance those classic and retro fashion appetites. 

Show us your look

This Bakelite community would love to see your looks! Upload a picture with your Bakelite Delight and share to our Instagram and Twitter. Lets make it fun! #BakeliteDelights #DelightsinBakelite #MyBakeofDelight                                    

Our Promise

We rummage for unique vintage pieces to add to your timeless collection.  Whether for display, adornment, or refurbish bakelite items are just irresistible! Return any items that just don't seem to fit your need. Something else definitely will!